Retiring in Fresno

With near perfect year-round weather, a thriving fine arts community and some of the best shopping and entertainment in the nation, Fresno is an ideal community for retirees and those entering assisted living. A robust lineup of activities, the ability to venture outdoors comfortably at virtually any time of the year, and a thriving and active senior community ensure that there is always something to do in Fresno.

The following are six reasons seniors love the Fresno area.

Great weather year-round:

The weather in Fresno is beautiful year-round, which makes it an ideal location for adults of any age. It is particularly suited to seniors, because of the lower risk of cold-related illnesses and injuries. Seniors who live in communities that experience cold winters spend part of the year with heavy restrictions on getting around or spending time outdoors. This leads to increased isolation and an elevated risk of seasonal depression, a common concern for seniors. With Fresno’s warmer temperatures, a lack of snow and ice decreases the risk of falls on icy sidewalks and pathways. Seniors who choose a warm climate enjoy a lower risk of injury and an enhanced sense of wellbeing and socialization.

Attractive to family members:

Loved ones find it pleasant to visit the Fresno area, since there are so many things to do and see. Close proximity to some of California’s top attractions ensures that friends and family can enjoy a fun-filled visit to the area. Time with family is a key component of happiness and wellbeing and allows seniors to maintain a strong support system with their loved ones.

Fresh, healthy food on demand:

Oakmont of Fresno’s proximity to some of the top food producing fields in the nation ensures that our residents have access to top-quality produce. Access to seasonal produce allows our renowned culinary team to prepare exceptional and fresh meals for our residents. The availability of top quality local produce draws chefs and cooks from all over the state, creating a huge variety of restaurants, markets, and more for our residents to delight in. For those who appreciate gourmet dining, need a high quality, nutrient-rich diet, and love trying new things, our retirement community in Fresno offers an impressive lineup of options.

A thriving community of seniors:

Fresno draws seniors from all over the nation, which has developed a market increase of offerings that cater to retired seniors. Moving to Fresno allows you to join a thriving community of active seniors and an abundance of activities and attractions designed with retirees in mind.

Fresno is an ideal place to live for seniors and their families. Retiring in Fresno ensures that you or your loved one has plenty to see, do, and experience. Contact us to learn more about the unique benefits of becoming a resident at Oakmont of Fresno.