Family Members at Oakmont Memory Care Community

A memory care community provides seniors with specialized services that go above and beyond that of standard residential care. Here at Oakmont of Fresno, we are an assisted living and memory care community so we are well equipped to handle various levels of care. Our residents have access to several programs, services, and activities tailored toward memory care. Learn more about what you can look forward to when living in our memory care community.

What Is Memory Care
Memory care is a type of senior living that combines assisted care and cognitive services. This often includes physical and mental therapies to aid with memory recall and retention. Our memory care services help to improve the quality of life for our residents as well as their family members.

Activities for Memory Care
Along with providing our residents with a comfortable and accommodating living space, we have a number of groups that meet regularly for activities. This helps to improve the social connectivity of our residents. We offer daily exercise classes like include yoga, our walking club, and a stretch and strength program.

Purposeful Activities for Seniors
Providing our seniors with activities dedicated to memory care is another way we support our residents. In our Fresno memory care community, we arrange for purposeful activities. These activities have included caring for animals and putting together care packages for military members. By setting up opportunities for our seniors to be social within the greater community, we help provide them with added purpose and a sense of belonging.

Mental Services and Memory Care
Perhaps the greatest benefit of living in a memory care community as a senior with age-related memory loss or dementia has to do with the strengthening of the mind. Here at Oakmont of Fresno, we offer brain fitness classes. These classes provide memory training and exercises that help sharpen mental acuity. This works to slow the progression of age-related memory loss that is associated with many types of dementia.

Specialized Memory Care Services
We are able to help seniors who are diagnosed or suffer from symptoms of a variety of forms of dementia. Along with Alzheimer’s disease, other conditions associated with dementia include Parkinson’s disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, clinical depression, anxiety disorder, and many others. By residing at our memory care community here at Oakmont of Fresno, you are able to receive treatments and therapies that help with these dementia-related conditions.

Choosing Memory Care in Fresno, CA
To request a brochure and additional information about memory care in Fresno, contact our team today. We specialize in luxury senior services including memory care in our assisted living facility. Contact Oakmont of Fresno at 559-477-4466 to speak with a representative about senior living in California. Schedule a tour of our luxury retirement community and enjoy a complimentary gourmet meal as a part of the experience. We look forward to meeting you or your senior loved one.