Information on Finding an Assisted Living Community in Fresno CA

Are you seeking a world-class assisted living community in Fresno? At Oakmont Senior Living, we know that researching and vetting assisted living options can be a daunting task. While there are many things to consider in your selection process, a few particularly important factors are worth paying attention to to ensure that you find the best assisted living community for yourself or a loved one.

Find The Perfect Location

If you are looking into assisted living communities for yourself or a loved one, we highly recommend exploring the shopping, dining, entertainment, and medical options surrounding the assisted living community itself.

Location is of vital importance to a resident’s experience at an assisted living community. Even when the retirement community is beautiful, the dining options are fantastic, and there is a full, on-site events calendar, it is important the resident has access to desirable off-site options within a reasonable distance from the community. With its proximity to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, Oakmont of Fresno has endless opportunities for on-site and off-site enjoyment.

Because Oakmont Senior Living is the builder as well as the developer of Oakmont of Fresno, we were able to ensure that the building, location, and amenities fit perfectly together to provide our residents the best possible assisted living experience.

Health & Wellness Support Should Be Offered

Assisted living communities should offer options to help each resident live a healthy and active life. At Oakmont of Fresno, we provide delicious and healthy meals prepared by our industry-renowned culinary team. Each meal is carefully crafted to give our residents the nourishment they need to enjoy all of the activities included in our assisted living program.

Our culinary team at Oakmont of Fresno goes to great lengths to perfect the flavor and presentation of each meal served. We happily accommodate residents who have dietary restrictions or special nutritional needs. We believe that it doesn’t matter how nutritious a meal is if nobody is excited to eat it. It is with this in mind that our culinary team crafts gourmet meals in a restaurant-style atmosphere at each and every mealtime.

An equally important aspect of health and wellness at an assisted living community is the opportunity to engage in a variety of physical activities. At Oakmont of Fresno, we provide our residents with a fitness center, group activities that focus on physical fitness, and exercise classes to optimize health.  Our industry-renowned fitness programs offer our residents equipment as well as training that includes cardiovascular exercises, flexibility, strength training, and more. Exercise socials are also a part of our health and fitness offerings which makes exercise a more enjoyable and social activity.

Meaningful relationships with other residents, guests, family members, and friends are another vital component to maintaining a healthy state-of-mind. At Oakmont of Fresno, we offer a full social calendar that includes outings, group activities, dedicated game nights, and an on-site movie theater where there are regular movie screenings. When selecting an assisted living community, nutrition, physical activity, and social interaction should all be considered.

Memory Care Options & Availability

Most people who are looking into assisted living communities are judging prospective retirement communities based on their assisted living options only. Not thinking about memory care options in your initial assessment of an assisted living community could cause major headaches down the road. Selecting a retirement community is a big decision, and the community you choose should become your home for years to come. The friends you make and the staff you get to know become an important part of the daily pleasures a great retirement community can offer. All of those comforts could potentially disappear if you or a loved one ends up needs memory care and your community does not offer this higher level of care.

If a resident of an assisted living community finds themselves needing access to memory care programs, it is difficult to seek out a new retirement community after the fact. Memory-related issues can present significant challenges for family, friends, and of course the resident. It is for this reason that we recommend looking into retirement communities that specialize in both assisted living and memory care. By finding a retirement community that provides assisted living as well as memory care you can rest assured that your new found home can stay your home for years to come.

In addition to the concerns mentioned above, married couples who select a retirement community together may require different levels of care at different times. When assisted living and memory care are offered in the same location, it reduces the likelihood that a couple will have to be separated due to memory related illness.

Oakmont Senior Living is an industry leader in the field of senior care, assisted living, and memory care. We are proud to offer world-class assisted living at our retirement community right here in Fresno. Call us today to schedule a tour and experience our premier senior living services firsthand; you’ll see for yourself the lifestyle our residents are raving about. We look forward to meeting you.